Man runs from cop after traffic stop

OLDTOWN – A routine traffic stop turned into charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, driving without privileges and resisting/obstructing police when Ryan P. Todd, 25, fled on foot after being pulled over by a Bonner County Sheriff’s deputy.

According to a district court probable cause affidavit, on May 25 at approximately 9:34 p.m., deputy Justin Penn was on patrol in the Oldtown area. While stationary in the 600 block of Highway 2, he reported observing a black sedan traveling east at a high rate of speed and passing another vehicle, also heading east. Penn visually estimated the vehicle’s speed at 50 miles per hour in a clearly posted 35 miles per hour. His radar verified the vehicle driving well above the speed limit, increasing to 52 miles per hour as it passed Penn’s location.

In his report Penn said he initiated a traffic enforcement stop in the 1000 block of Highway 2. The vehicle was slow to yield and drove on the shoulder for several seconds before stopping. As Penn exited his patrol vehicle, he wrote he observed the front passenger side door swing open and a male, later identified as Todd, exit the vehicle running south down a driveway. Penn did not chase, but ordered him to stop. Penn reported that Todd ran in between two buildings wearing a grey sweatshirt, grey pants, and hat, where Penn lost sight of him.

The remaining occupants in the vehicle were given verbal commands and detained in handcuffs without incident. There was a front female passenger, a rear male passenger and a child in the backseat. The passengers were all complaint and advised Penn that the male that fled was the driver, identifying him as Todd.

Penn reported that dispatch informed him, that Ryan Todd had a suspended driver’s license out of Washington and a felony Idaho Department Of Corrections warrant for a parole violation.

At this time several other patrol units flooded the area in an attempt to locate the suspect, according to the affidavit. Additionally, a K9 deputy was summoned to the scene with his patrol dog for a track.

The female passenger stated that when Penn turned on his emergency lights, Todd started "freaking out" and repeatedly told her to switch seats since he was driving. She stated that she refused and Todd told her to open the door. She stated once they stopped, Todd jumped on top of her, opened the door and, “booked it.” She confirmed this is why it took so long for them to pull over and that Todd knew he had warrants.

The male passenger reportedly stated that Todd was worried when Penn got behind them and swore several times when Penn activated his emergency lights. The male passenger confirmed that Todd was the driver and he was trying to get the female to switch seats with her.

Nearly 1.5 hours later, two sheriff’s deputies and a K9 located and arrested Todd hiding in a bush approximately .25 miles from the original stop location. According to the affidavit one of the deputies also located tin foil with burnt residue lines and Todd's hat where he had been hiding. “Through my training and experience, I recognized the burnt residue pattern on the foil as a common method of smoking pills,” Penn reported.

Under Miranda Rights, Todd said knew he was getting pulled over and stated, "I wasn't thinking." Todd admitted that he was the driver of the vehicle and drove for the female because she was tired. He stated that he ran because he knew his license was suspended and had fled the passenger side of the vehicle because the driver's door is broke. Todd also knew he had a warrant, but did not know he was wanted in Idaho. Todd advised his license is suspended in Washington state because of unpaid fines. Todd admitted that the tin foil found near his hat contained burnt Fentanyl residue, but denied a tin foil of marijuana in the vehicle was his.

Todd was transported to Bonner County jail where he was read the warrant and booked.