Pelleberg has accomplished much for city

To the editor,

The Miner’s headline from the May 26 issue “Pelleberg Out?” was disappointing to say the least. If I am to understand this situation correctly, Russ Pelleberg has been put on administrative leave by the mayor of Newport, Shirley Sands, for one reason. Mr. Pelleberg hired a law firm in November of 2020 to represent the city. The article leads me to believe that the mayor should have been notified of this before any action would take place. This seems like a simple technicality that should have been dealt with six months ago.

Since November, there have been three council meetings (December, February, April) in which the council approved payments to the law firm in total of about $35,000. How do these payments pass through the council without the mayor being aware of them? Does the mayor not attend city council meetings? If this was inappropriate back in November, wouldn’t something have been done way before May of 2021? Something just doesn’t seem to add up in all of this.

How about we focus on what Russ Pelleberg has done for the city of Newport. A few examples of an impressive list would be:

* New RV park near the rodeo grounds

* New health clinic coming to Newport

* New national chain hotel coming to Newport

* Nearly a dozen new businesses opening up since Russ arrived with several of them receiving his help

* Working with several developers for new housing in Newport

* Worked with Rodeo Association to revamp lease agreement

* Park improvements

* Downtown improvements

* Added code enforcement position to help clean up the city

* New street improvement plan with specialized equipment already purchased to accomplish this

* Working with local entities on major economic development projects including a business park

Please join me in contacting Newport Mayor Shirley Sands and urge her to reinstate Russ Pelleberg immediately.

-Greg Vaughn