Police Reports May 31-June 6

Editor's note: The police reports, taken from dispatch logs provided to The Miner by law enforcement agencies, are not intended to be an exact report, but rather a comprehensive list of police calls in Pend Oreille and West Bonner counties. Dispatch also fields calls for the Kalispel Tribe’s property in Airway Heights. Certain police calls are generally omitted because of space constraints. These include, but aren't limited to ambulance calls for illness, unfounded alarms, traffic stops, dogs at large, abandoned vehicles, 911 hang–ups and civil standbys. All dispositions for the police reports are assumed to be active, assists or transfers at press time. 


Pend Oreille County

Monday, May 31

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE: Casey Rd, Newport, report of tan Nissan Altima, no plates 3 males driving up and down the road looking in mailboxes.

ANIMAL PROBLEM: W. Chippewa Ave., Ione, report of multiple dogs running loose  had black dog came onto property today dog is semi aggressive. 

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Hwy. 20, Newport, person reports that he has no trespass on neighbors, now they are flying drone over property. 

TRESPASSING: Pine Hill Rd, Newport, report that male was trespassing about 30 minutes ago. Person reports having a picture of male trespassing and a video of male’s wife trespassing. 

TRAFFIC HAZARD: Hwy. 20, report of large rock in middle of the road.

FIRE SMOKE ONLY: Casey Rd., Newport, report of black smoke, 10x10 slash pile.


Tuesday, June 1

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Hwy. 2, report that someone appears to have dumped a silver bullet camp trailer. 

ANIMAL PROBLEM: Sullivan Lake Rd., Ione, report of black dog trying to get into the fence where her sheep are.

MUNICIPAL CODE VIOLATION: S. Washington Ave., Newport, report of grass being dumped on his property alley side. 

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: N. 4th Ave., person reports she thinks she hears banging in the unoccupied residence, did not see anyone no voices. 

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Veit Rd, Newport, report of cold report of domestic verbal argument that escalated into a physical altercation where male party hit female on face 5 times and left welts. 

MUNICIPAL CODE VIOLATION: S. Scott Ave., Newport, report that neighbors are parked in driveway in back by alley possibly black truck 4 door.

AGENCY ASSIST: W. Walnut St., Newport, officer assist DOC w/ attempt to locate wanted person. 

STABBING: Middle Fork Rd., Usk, report of male stabbed in the leg by the ankle with a knife. 

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Yergens Rd., Newport, person reports having a video he would like a deputy to view. 

SEX OFFENSE: N. Warren Ave., Newport, report that yesterday an unknown subject started to send his wife inappropriate photos and messages.

TRAFFIC HAZARD: LeClerc Rd. N., Cusick, report of truck pulling a trailer full of sod, 10 mph, smelled burning rubber.

MOTOR VEHICLE COLLISION: River Lane & Cedar Lane, Newport, report of MVC no injury. 

VEHICLE PROWL: W. 4th St., Newport, report that person had vehicle tampered with last night or night before.

MUNICIPAL CODE VIOLATION: S. Washington Ave., Newport, report of two vehicles parked in front of business all day.

TRAFFIC HAZARD: Hwy. 20, report of male in dark clothing walking in roadway. 

TRANSPORT: S. Garden Ave., Newport, report of transport of two inmates to Spokane.


Wednesday, June 3

ARREST: Rocky Creek Rd., Cusick, Benjamin A. Hankins, 35, of Colville was arrested for attempted arson.

FIRE: Deer Valley Lane, garbage container caught fire, now out but would like it checked.

MUNICIPAL CODE VIOLATION: S. Warren Ave., Newport, report of subjects burning plastic at around 3 to 4 a.m.

JAIL TRANSPORT: N. Division St., Spokane, transporting one adult male to oral surgery.

MUNICIPAL CODE VIOLATION: S. Scott Ave., Newport, report that subject parked truck on their property.

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: B. South Ave., Metaline Falls, person reports someone tried to break into the garage, have some pictures. 

DRUGS: Qlispe River Way, security found prescription bottle.

VIOLATION OR ORDER: Sullivan Lake, report that the respondent in the order is violating the order via social media.

ANIMAL CRUELTY: W. Walnut St., Newport, report of dog in plum color Thunderbird distressed has been in vehicle for 30 to 45 minutes.

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE: S. Cass Ave., Newport, officer out with PT cruiser, no plate.

ERRATIC DRIVER: Hwy. 211, report of white older early 2000s Trail Blazer that was driving erratically hitting brakes and turning around.

TRAFFIC HAZARD: Hwy. 20 & Turner Rd., report of two males and a female walking over fog line in northbound lane, walking southbound.

TREE FIRE: Hwy. 20, report of tree on powerline on fire.

FIRE SMOKE ONLY: Deer Creek Lane, report of lots of smoke in the area. 

DISTURBANCE: N. Central Ave, Ione, report of naked woman running in front of house, saying she has a bomb.


Thursday, June 4

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Pine Hill Rd., report of subject refusing to leave residence.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Hwy. 211, report of unknown vehicle in driveway.

TRAFFIC OFFFENSE: Leclerc Rd. S., officer out with subjects.

ERRATIC DRIVER: Hwy. 2, report of motorcycle at high speed and passing erratically.

ARREST: S. Union Ave., Newport, Scott A. Shumake, 51, of Spokane was arrested on a probation violation.

ARREST: Greggs Rd., Richard D. Smith, 35, of Spokane was arrested on local warrants.

FRAUD: Hwy. 211, report that bank account was cleaned out.

TRAFFIC HAZARD: Hwy. 2, report of intoxicated male almost falling into traffic.

ASSAULT: N. Newport Ave., Newport, report of male fighting another male.

ERRATIC DRIVER: Hwy. 2, report of vehicle all over the roadway.

ERRATIC DRIVER: Hwy. 20, report of vehicle all over the roadway.

ARREST: Pine Hill Rd., Russel R. Boles, 62, of Post Falls was arrested on an out of county warrant.

THREATENING: River Rd., report of subjects making threats and refusing to leave.

BURGLARY: Nicholson Rd., report of residence broken into earlier this week.

FISH&GAME: Davis Lake Rd., information that a subject is illegally processing a moose.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Valley View Drive, report of unknown marks on child.

ARREST: Fertile Valley Rd., Alden Halkic, 34, was arrested for fourth degree assault domestic violence. 

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Deer Creek Lane, report of very loud explosion in the area.

ARREST: Bobier Rd. S., Theodore W. Sperling, 85, of Newport was arrested for unlawful imprisonment.

NOISE COMPLAINT: E. 5th Ave., report that dog has been barking nonstop.


Friday, June 4

MALICIOUS MISCHIEF: Veit Rd., report that sometime during the night someone moved boulders from complainants’ fence line. 

TRESPASSING: Conklin Meadows Rd., report of neighbors trespassing on property and dug up items on property, ongoing issue.

THEFT: Hwy. 31, report of three days of mail possibly missing, already called post office they said mail has been delivered.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Pend Oreille County, report that complainant may know location of stolen 4-wheeler. 


DISTURBANCE: W. 5th St., Newport, report that male backed into complainant’s truck, subjects were arguing are separated now.

ERRATIC DRVER: W. Walnut St., Newport, report of silver passenger vehicle all over the road.

FIRE: Gray Rd., report of brush fire and into trees, 30x40 feet.

PHONE OFFENSE: McKay St., report that son was receiving inappropriate pictures from an unknown male.

FIRE SMOKE ONLY: Tiger Meadows, report of heavy smoke.

ARREST: Tacoma Creek R., Devin Ford Odman, 27, was arrested for driving under the influence.

DISTURANCE: W. 4th St., Newport, report that male grabbed sign and tore it up.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON: N. Cass Ave., & W. 1st St., Newport, law enforcement out with suspicious male.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: W. 7th St., Newport, person reports hearing sound coming from porch area, request officer check the area. 


Saturday, June 5

FIRE: Deer Valley Rd., report of stump left in firepit still smoldering.

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE: Hwy. 20, report of suspicious vehicle in area.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Hwy. 211, report of loud explosion heard. 

DOMESTIC VIOLECE VERBAL: Allen Rd., report of male acting violent, trying to take things out of complainant’s hands.

CITIZEN ASSIST: Leclerc Rd. S., report of three subjects with no lifejackets floating downriver.


Sunday, June 6

SEX OFFENDER POST: Hwy. 20, community notifications. 

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Hwy. 20, report of unknown tire tracks on property.

FOUND PROPERTY: McGowen Rd., report of mail from several addresses on side of roadway. 

SEX OFFENSE: W. 4th Ave., report of sex offense.

FISH AND GAME: Boundary Dam, report that eagle was shot out of nest.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: W. Kelly Drive, report of issues with male and female in trailer. 

ANIMAL CRUELTY: S. Scott Ave., report of dog locked in vehicle. 

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: W Kelly Drive, report that person believes a male is setting bombs off. 

ARREST: E. 5th Ave., Kevin D. Borseth, 36, of Metaline Falls was arrested on a local warrant. 

MUNICIPAL CODE VIOLATION: S. Warren Ave., report of subjects burning garbage in firepit. 

DOMESTIC VIOLENSE PHYSICAL: Jade Drive, report of female in residence being assaultive. 

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES: Gray Rd., report of ongoing issue with high traffic in the area. 


West Bonner County

Monday, May 31

RECKLESS DRIVING: Hwy. 57, Priest River, Alcia N. Garis, 35, of Priest River was arrested for DUI. 

BATTERY: Willow Bay Rd., Priest River, a 40-year-old male from Oldtown was cited/released for two counts of battery.

RECKLESS DRIVING: Hwy. 57 & Reeder Bay Rd., Nordman


Tuesday, June 1

TRESPASSING: Old Diamond Mill Rd., Oldtown, a man and woman were located trespassing.


Wednesday, June 2

MUNICIPAL CODE VIOLATION: Cemetery Rd., Priest River, materials and junk.

MUNICIPAL CODE VIOLATION: Rivenes Ave., Priest River, weeds and grass.

MUNICIPAL CODE VIOLATION: Glidden Ave., Priest River, weeds and grass. 

MUNICIPAL CODE VIOLATION: Kaniksu St., Priest River, weeds and grass.

ANIMAL PROBLEM: Dickinson Ave., Priest River, report of barking dogs. 

MUNICIPAL CODE VIOLATION: E. Jackson Ave., Priest River, blocking a water meter.

MUNICIPAL CODE VIOLATION: Osprey Ln., Priest River, physical address.

ANIMAL PROBLEM: Larch St., Priest River

RECKLESS DRIVING: Hwy. 57, Priest River

ACCIDENT, UNKNOWN INJURY: Old Diamond Mill Rd. & Hwy. 2, Oldtown, report of traffic collision.



Thursday, June 3

OVERDUE MOTORIST: Jachetta Rd., Priest River

MISSING PERSON: Robinson Drive, Priest River, Priest River Police Department assisted Bonner County Sheriff’s Office with missing floater. Floater was found safe at the Mudhole. 

DUI, ALCOHOL OR DRUGS: Jachetta Cutoff & Old Priest River Rd., Priest River, a 22-year-old female from Priest River, was cited and released for driving under the influence.

DUI, ALCOHOL OR DRUGS: Hwy. 57, Priest Lake, an 18-year-old male of Issaquah, was cited and released for driving under the influence.

ANIMAL PROBLEM: Hoo Doo Loop & Klein Ln., Oldtown

TRESPASSING: Old Diamond Mill Rd. & Hwy. 2, Oldtown

BATTERY: Hwy. 2, Oldtown


Friday, June 4

RECKLESS DRIVING: Old Priest River Rd. & Wisconsin St., Priest River

RECKLESS DRIVING: Hwy. 57, Priest River

DUI, ALCOHOL OR DRUGS: Luby Bay Rd., Priest Lake, a 58-year-old Spokane man was cited and released for driving under the influence.

RECKLESS DRIVING: N. State Ave. & Hwy. 2, Oldtown


Saturday, June 5

NON-INJURY ACCIDENT: Spirit Lake Cutoff, Spirit Lake

MARINE INCIDENT: Rivers End Dr., Priest River



Sunday, June 6

DOMESTIC DISPUTE: Rimrock CT., Priest River, Roger Lynn Slater, 80, was arrested for domestic battery.

TRAFFIC HAZARD: Hwy. 2, Oldtown