Rangers win over Panthers in close call

Cusick sophomore Cassidy Williams (left) tries to drive the ball away from Selkirk sophomore Sydnee Pettis at a June 1 game hosted by the Cusick Panthers.(Miner photo|Don Gronning )
CUSICK – The Cusick Panthers and Selkirk Rangers came together for some good-spirited downriver rivalry at a girls’ basketball game Tuesday, June 1. Visiting Selkirk barely edged out their Cusick hosts in a 44-43 victory, making it a competitive, enjoyable game to watch, according to Selkirk coach Jack Couch.

“Their sportsmanship was outstanding,” Couch said of both teams. “You have these friendships in the community because we’re from the some area, so they take care of each other even when they are competing against one another. The point of any sport is to teach them how to compete well, not so much about winning or losing.”

Couch praised Cusick’s agility and quickness. In the first quarter Cusick was up by 10 points to Selkirk’s six. The Lady Rangers came back in the second quarter to gain 10 points and kept the Lady Panthers at just one. Selkirk was able to outpace Cusick in the third quarter, 16-9. The fourth quarter saw a flurry of points from both sides, with Cusick sinking 14 baskets to Selkirk’s 12.

“This was a very fun, intense game with Selkirk,” Cusick coach Marcella Haynes said. “The girls fought hard to the end, each quarter was close and the game could’ve went either way for either team.”

Cusick hit the boards hard with 42 rebounds combined with Dalia Oliver having 12 of those rebounds and 11 points. LaNia Thompson got 10 rebounds and 15 points, Teresa Campbell had seven rebounds and four points and Mady Whitford made seven points.

“These ladies put it all on the court and work to the end,” Haynes said. “We have fallen short the last few games, but they continue to fight to the last buzzer.”

Selkirk’s Bree Dawson and Nicol Lyons scored 16 and 11 points, respectively. Sydnee Pettis showed once again that, “she has to be one of the quickest, if not the quickest girl in the Northeast 1B league,” Couch said.

Because of graduation ceremonies last Saturday, Selkirk’s game against Northport was canceled. Couch said senior Abbie Pettis could be returning to the team after minor surgery. Eighth grader Madison Petrich hurt her knee in practice last Wednesday, so she had to sit out on the Selkirk versus Republic game Friday, June 4 (see adjoining story).

Hayes praised senior Anwyn Anderberg for her perseverance throughout the season after overcoming several minor injuries in order to play basketball.

“She will be dearly missed next year,” Hayes said. “Anywyn’s defense and rebounding these last years have not gone unnoticed.”

Cusick played Northport after deadline on Monday, June 7. The Lady Panthers will host St. George High School for a game Wednesday, June 9 at 5 p.m., then Wellpinit on Monday, June 14 at 6 p.m.