Recounting Arizona ballots proves nothing

To the editor,

It is disappointing to see that the Big Lie is alive and well in Pend Oreille County, as evidenced in the recent letter from Mr. Pierce.

It is sad that Pierce and other irrational believers of the Big Lie live in a world devoid of proof and facts, as seven months after the election there is still no evidence of wide spread fraud and none provided by Mr. Pierce.

I am troubled that the letter makes such a ludicrous claim, which destroys one of the most sacred rights we have as Americans – the right to vote – and then challenges the reader to prove him wrong. It is the writer's burden to prove his case, not ours to disprove it. The legal system works the same way, in that it is not your burden to prove your innocence, but the state's burden to prove your guilt. The fact that Arizona is allowing a Mickey Mouse outfit, owned by a Trump Big Lie supporter, to re-count ballots for a third time proves nothing.

Big Lie supporters ask the wrong question when they say, "what do people have to hide" who oppose a recount? Conversely, what does Trump have to hide in not disclosing tax turns and Republicans voting against a Jan. 6 investigation?

The correct question is what do people lose by allowing it? Simply, we lose our democracy and way of life. Election results will be challenged for years if a group doesn't like the results. We lose our privacy to out of state crazies with no experience doing recounts who are not accountable to state or federal election laws. We also see the voting system destroyed as there is no provisions for certified election results to be overturned, even if some voting issue is found.

-Greg Hicks