Slow down, pay attention police chief cautions

Priest River bicyclist hit by car

PRIEST RIVER – A man struck by a car as he was riding his electrical bike (ebike) through Priest River Friday, June 4 declined to press charges according to Priest River Police Chief Drew McLain.

According to McLain, the bicyclist, a 33-year-old Priest River resident was riding his ebike on 4th Street, traveling south around 4:53 p.m. At the same time a 2004 Honda CRV driven by an 81-year-old female, also of Priest River stopped at stop sign on Jefferson Street, heading west. McLain said the motorist continued on her way and didn’t look both ways to see the bicyclist approaching.

“Luckily, he was watching her and knew that she didn’t see him, so he turned right to try and avoid her and laid his bike on its side,” McLain said. “As a result, she hit him, but not hard. The bike, though, was trapped under the car.”

A nearby resident saw the collision and was able to get a jack and raise the car up to retrieve the bike. The bicyclist had road rash along his arms and declined medical attention. No ambulance or other emergency services were called to the scene.

McLain said that since he was the officer that responded to the scene he asked the man if he wanted to press charges against the motorist, since she was in the wrong. The man reportedly replied that he did not want to press charges, just exchange insurance information with the driver so she would pay for his ebike, which was valued around $1,600.

According to McLain, Idaho is now in what is called the 100 Deadliest Days, where traffic fatalities increase from Memorial Day to Labor Day. McLain said the most common causes are aggressive, distracted and impaired driving.

“There’s been a few crashes so far this year, but thankfully no fatalities in town,” McLain said. “It’s a dangerous time of year, so we’re asking people to slow down and pay more attention, so everyone can relax and enjoy the weather.”