Urban minority votes will be suspect

To the editor,

I wonder if anyone knows what “critical race theory” means. Try to look at it this way. Native Americans and African Americans got mistreated by the white man. The Native Americans, mistakenly called Indians by early explorers, were violently displaced by white people in the westward expansion of the USA. African Americans were the slaves that made mostly southern states great.

I don’t understand why Republicans don’t want these historical facts taught in public schools. President Andrew Jackson, a hero of the current far-right authoritarian movement, ordered the “Trail of Tears” to move the five civilized tribes east of the Mississippi River. Jackson got his authority from the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Those Indians had property, black slaves and had assimilated into white men. I find it interesting that white conservative Americans criticize immigrants who don’t learn English and act like them as if that matters. Later when the westward tribes were removed by the US Cavalry, the phrase at the time was “The only good Indian is a dead Indian.”

Then there was the Civil War fought over slave states who wanted to preserve the institution of slavery. When reconstruction ended in 1877, African Americans were segregated in the South and made into second class citizens. Essentially slavery without the human ownership. This lasted until 1965 when Congress passed civil rights laws ending organized segregation.

The rebirth of white authoritarian rule promoted by former President Trump has caused renewed civil unrest. We see Black citizens murdered by police and voting rights curtailed by southern states to ensure white minority rule over non-white citizens.

During the next election cycle, minority votes will be classified as fraudulent and discounted by state legislatures to ensure Republican victories. White rural votes will be seen as pure and urban minority votes suspect.

-Pete Scobby