Voodoo Blendz latest coffee shop

The newly opened Voodoo Blendz in Newport. (Miner photo|Sophia Aldous)
NEWPORT – Jamie Reimer’s reason for opening the coffee and sandwich café, Voodoo Blendz, is simple enough.

“I haven’t had a decent coffee since I moved here,” Reimer says, smiling mischievously. That’s not to say Reimer is throwing down against other coffee shops in the area. In her philosophy, there’s room for everyone.

“You can never have too many spots to get coffee,” Reimer says. “I love that about where we live.”

Reimer, 43, was born in Sandpoint and her husband, Ethan, is from Newport. The couple moved back to Newport from the west side four years ago due to medical issues. Reimer was mostly a stay-at-home mom, but now that the couple’s youngest daughter is almost graduated from high school, Reimer thought the time was right to open her own coffee and sandwich shop. Voodoo Blendz officially opened its doors May 29.

“I managed a coffee shop called Pacific Pearl Bistro in Seaside for a year and a half and I loved it,” Reimer says. “The best cup of coffee I’ve ever had was eight years ago at the Sleepy Monk Cafe in Cannon Beach and I remember thinking, ‘This is how espresso is supposed to taste.’ I want people to think that when they come here.”

The name Voodoo Blendz comes from the family’s love of all things Halloween. Drink offerings consist of expected coffee beverages made from Sleepy Monk coffee beans, teas, hot chocolate, Italian sodas and more. There are also sandwiches, wraps, breakfast foods and various snacks for sale. There is also free WIFI, sit down service and a drive thru window. A wall is reserved for local artists to sell their art. Those interested in displaying their work should contact Reimer via Facebook or walk into the café. In the future, Reimer hopes to add a frozen yogurt bar.

“It’s fun,” Reimer says of making coffee and serving good food. “It can be an art to make a great cup of coffee, if you take the time to put thought into it.”

Voodoo Blendz is located at 91 State Line Cutoff Road in Newport, next to Westside Pizza. For more information, go to www.facebook.com/Voodoo-blendz.